SHAC Bylaws

Article I: Authority

Section One. Statute and Policy. Each school district in the State is required in Chapter 28, Subchapter A-K, and Chapter 38.013 of the Texas Education Code, to establish and maintain a district-level school health advisory council. The School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) of the Boerne Independent School District (BISD) is specifically authorized by the Board of Trustees in District policy EHAA (legal).

Section Two. Limitations, The SHAC shall be an advisory body, and shall serve to provide guidance, recommendations, and other assistance to the Board of Trustees as is specifically listed in state law and District policy. The SHAC shall have no power to expend public funds, enter into contracts, or otherwise place obligation or liability upon the district.

Section Three. Bylaws. Bylaws must be consistent with the state law and District policies governing SHACs. Bylaws shall be reviewed by the SHAC on a bi-annual basis. Bylaws may be changed or amended on approval by two thirds of the SHAC members present and voting and officially constituting a quorum.

Article II: Responsibilities

According to state law, District policy, and the direction of the Board of Trustees, the SHAC shall have the following responsibilities:

A. To hold regular meetings.

B. To report at least annually to the Board of Trustees.

C. To provide advice and recommendations, and counsel prior to decisions pertaining to the areas of health education curriculum appropriate for specific grade levels that may include a coordinated school health program designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type II diabetes through coordination of: health education, physical education/physical activity, nutritional services, parental and community involvement, staff wellness, a healthy and safe school environment, counseling and mental health services, health services and emerging health issues.

D. To consult regularly with the superintendent and/or designee regarding the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the district coordinated school health (CSH) program.

E. To approve the district coordinated school health program, subject to adoption by the Board of Trustees.

F. To consult with the Superintendent and/or designee in advance of submitting issues, concerns, reports, and recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

G. To advise and consult with the district in the development of a comprehensive health education curriculum.

Article III: Meetings

Section One. Regular Meetings. The SHAC shall conduct no less than four regular meetings a year. If a meeting is cancelled, all attempts will be made to reschedule for another day during the month; however, if the meeting is not rescheduled, there will not be a make-up meeting scheduled.

Section Two. Public Hearings. Public hearings and other meetings with the public should be approved by the Board of Trustees in advance of such meetings. This will be coordinated through the SHAC Chair and the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Section Three. Open Meetings. All meetings of the full SHAC shall be open to the public, and the public shall have reasonable opportunity to provide comment. The Chair may limit the time given to speakers. Committee meetings may be open to the public at the discretion of the Committee Chair.

Section Four. Notification of Meeting. Notice of each meeting shall be posted on a bulletin board at a place convenient to the public in the central administrative office of the district in accordance with Texas Government Code §551.

Section Five. Quorum. A quorum shall be the majority of the current membership as approved by the Board of Trustees. Meetings may still be held without a quorum for purposes of presentations or discussion; however, no actions or voting may take place without a quorum.

Section Six. Attendance. Member attendance shall be monitored by the Chairs, who shall work with members to try to resolve any attendance problems. Non-attendance for three consecutive meetings within a one-year period may result in the member being placed in a non-voting position for the remainder of his/her term. Members are encouraged to contact the Chair if they know they cannot attend a meeting.

Section Seven. Decision-making. Members shall attempt to reach decisions by consensus. However, if a clear consensus cannot be obtained, members shall reach a decision by simple majority vote. Each member shall be entitled to one vote per item. Proxy voting and absentee ballots shall not be permitted; a member must be present to vote.

Section Eight. Agendas. Agendas shall be provided for all full SHAC meetings. Agenda items shall be determined by the Chair with input from the members.

Article IV: Membership

Section One. Membership Criteria. The membership composition of the SHAC shall comply with the following:

A. Membership of the SHAC will strive to reflect the geographic, ethnic, gender and economic diversity of the District.

B. The majority of the SHAC will consist of parents of students currently enrolled in the District, who are not employed by BISD.

C. Parents must live within the district and must be a custodial parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in a district school. Parents may not also be employees of the district.

D. The SHAC desires at least one parent representative from each school's campus wellness team, one student from each middle school campus, and two students from each high school campus.

E. The Superintendent shall designate an administrative liaison. The primary responsibility of the Administrative Liaison will be to facilitate the smooth and timely flow of accurate information between the BISD and the SHAC.

F. The Board of Trustees may also appoint one or more persons from each of the following groups: teachers, administrators and staff (including BISD employees representing Physical Education, Health Education, Food Services, and Health Services), district students, community members, health care professionals, business community, law enforcement, senior citizens, clergy, and nonprofit health organizations.

Section Two. Terms of Service. The term of service for an appointment shall be two years, normally beginning the first SHAC meeting of the school year. Terms will be staggered to maintain continuity on the SHAC. Parents, community members, students, and district staff will serve a two-year appointment. Members may serve two consecutive, two-year terms. The district's Food Service Director, the Health/PE Lead Teacher, and the Nurse Coordinator shall be standing members, without term limitations.

Section Three. Confirmation by Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall annually appoint all members to the SHAC.

Section Four. Vacancies. The Board of Trustees delegates to the SHAC Chair(s), pursuant to Article II of these Bylaws, the responsibility to fill any vacancies that may occur after the Board has annually appointed the SHAC membership.

Section Five. Conflict of Interest. No individual shall be nominated for or hold a position on the SHAC if that individual has a direct pecuniary interest in the recommendations of that committee and decisions by the Board of Trustees. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest should be avoided if at all possible. A lone agenda item shall not be cause for the elimination of an individual's membership; however, any such individual shall refrain from participation in decisions and voting as to that issue.

Section Six. The Role of the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent and/or designee and SHAC will work cooperatively. The Superintendent and/or designee will ensure staff support as is necessary and reasonable and will participate without vote in the deliberations and activities of the SHAC.

Section Seven. Size of Council. The SHAC will consist of no less than 15 members.

Section Eight. Responsibilities of Members.

A. Members are expected to attend all regular meetings.

B. Members will serve on at least one committee.

Article V: Committees

Section One. Substantive Standing Committees. Standing committees may be formed to ensure that the eight components of CSH (Nutrition/Food Service, Physical Education and Activity, Health Education, Counseling/ Mental/Social Health, Student Health Services, Parent and Community Involvement, Healthy Enviroment, and Staff Health Promotion) are addressed. All committee chairs report directly to the SHAC.

A. Standing committees serve the SHAC's decision-making process. They are the focal point for SHAC activity. Broad community participation is sought for committees. They gather information, analyze available data, make recommendations to the SHAC, and report to the SHAC. The SHAC may develop these recommendations into action items for a SHAC vote. Committees should strive for representation reflecting the diversity of the community served by BISD.

B. Committee chairs shall be members of the SHAC. It is desirable that the committee chair shall be a parent of a BISD student, when possible, though it is not a requirement.

a. Committee chairs shall solicit input from committee members regarding potential agenda items in advance of scheduled SHAC meetings.

C. Standing committee members are not required to be SHAC members. BlSD employees, including school Health Services staff, may be appointed to committees.

D. Standing committees should be comprised of at least 3 members.

Section Two. Ad Hoc Committees. The Chair may establish and appoint Ad hoc committees as he/she deems necessary and appropriate.

Article VI: Officers

Section One. Terms of Service. The SHAC shall elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. The Chair must be a parent member and at least one of the remaining two officer positions shall be held by a parent member; the third position may be held by a BISD employee or parent member.

In the event the Chair and Vice-Chair positions are not filled, two Co-Chairs shall be elected. At least one Co-Chair must be a parent member. Of the remaining two positions, Co-Chair and Secretary, one shall be held by a parent member; the third position may be held by a BISD employee or parent member.

Officers shall serve a two-year term and may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. Officers shall be selected at the final meeting of the school year and installed at the first meeting of the SHAC.

Section Two. Responsibilities.

A. The responsibilities of the Chair shall be to:

Preside at all meetings of the SHAC.

Appoint committees as necessary.

Serve as ex officio member of all committees-without vote

Work directly with the Executive Committee to compile agendas for all

meetings of the SHAC.

Develop, submit, and present the SHAC's annual report to the Board of


Perform other responsibilites as may be prescribed by the SHAC, which are

in accordance with SHAC's authorizing statute, District policy, and direction

of the Board.

B. The responsibilities of the Vice-Chair shall be to:

Preside at SHAC meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Serve as ex officio member of all committees without vote except the

Nominating committee.

Promote public awareness of the SHAC and maintain a database of

persons interested in service as SHAC members.

Inform the Chair of member vacancies and attendance problems.

Perform other responsibilities as may be prescribed by the SHAC, which

are in accordance with SHAC authorizing statute, District policy, and

direction of the Board.

C. The responsibilities of the Secretary shall be to:

Preside at meetings when both the Chair and Vice-Chair are absent.

Prepare meeting notices and arrange the location of the SHAC meetings.

Provide members and support staff with agendas, minutes, and background

materials prior to meetings.

Take attendance and keep minutes for all SHAC meetings.

Serve as custodian of all SHAC records.

Perform other responsibilities as may be prescribed by the SHAC, which

are in accordance with SHAC's authorizing statute, District policy, and

direction of the Board.

Article VII: Executive Committee

Section One. Membership. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers, chairs of all substantive standing committees, and the immediate Past Chair.

Section Two. Responsibilities.

A. The responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall be to:

Collaborate in advance of scheduled meetings to develop the agenda

Provide such other assistance as requested in accordance with the SHAC

authorizing statute, District policy, and the direction of the Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Boerne ISD Board of Trustees, June 15, 2009

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